What is a Mushroom?

Long celebrated as a superfood source of powerful nutrients, fresh mushrooms are a healthy addition to your plate.Mushroom are 100% vegetarian food. Mushrooms are fleshy, edible fungi that are a low-calorie food and a good source of Vitamin B. Shiitake, oyster and button are some types of mushrooms. They are somewhat meaty in flavour and taste and are also a great source of Vitamin D. Mushrooms provide many of the same nutritional benefits as vegetables, as well as attributes commonly found in meat, beans and grains.


Ganoderma Mushroom

This mushroom also known as Lingzhi, Reishi. This is medicinal mushroom used in many daises


Ganoderma Extract

Ganoderma is not often used in cooking because they are hard and have a bitter taste, although some people do use them in the same dishes that you might use Shiitake mushrooms (Lentinula edodes).


Ayugano Ganoderma (Red Reishi) Mushroom Extract


Ayugano Ganoderma (Red Reishi) Mushroom Extract Capsuals


Ganoderma (Red Reishi) Mushroom Liquid Extract


Mushroom Spawn

Mushroom seed known as Spawn. We have in house laboratory for making a good quality first generation spawn.

Know Us

Pramukh Mushroom stands as one of the most progressive medicinal mushroom manufacturers and supplier in Gujarat, India. Apart from mushroom farming, we also offer Spawn, Training, Consulting for mushroom farmer & farms. The company initiated as a small venture in September 2019 and has been engaged in manufacturing of genoderma mushroom & mushroom spawn. We are the largest manufacturer in Gujarat.

Our Vision

Become the Largest producer of medicinal mushroom in India.

Our Mission

Spread the Health benefit of mushroom to every household.

Our values

Quality, Trust, health for individual.

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